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Award-Winning innovator using problem-based learning, technology, and dedicated SDL time to transform educational institutions at all levels, K-University Educational transformation is daunting, and altering your pedagogy can be overwhelming. At times, it can be difficult to see the benefit of changing your practice. As Founding Principal of Cedars International Next Generation High School, President of Advanced Reasoning In Education (ARIE) and former Founding Principal of Manor New Technology High School, Steven Zipkes is helping K12 schools and universities around the world transform their schools, systems, teaching and leadership practices to meet today’s learners. Schools such as The Un

Highlight of ISSDL - February 2018!

The International Symposium of Self-Directed Learning is next month! This post is provides a glimpse of one of the topics that will be available. Badging and Micro-credentials to Cultivate 21st Century Skills Institutions of higher education are under pressure from industry, government, accrediting bodies, and public opinion to adapt programs and curriculum to provide graduates that have BOTH specific workplace technical skills AND soft/employability skills. The pendulum that swings between professional preparation and liberal arts curriculum to deliver employees with workplace skills elements rarely stabilizes in the juncture of programs that satisfy all “customers” of the educational proc

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