Capitalizing on requisite seismic shifts in education: Cultivating the empowerment of the learner

Imagine….a world being swept by a pandemic of unprecedented proportions. The surge and contagion of the illness force nations and local governments to levy isolation and shut down non-essential business and activities. Citizens urged to keep to their homes and operate via technology as a connection to society. A reality where schools close for an indefinite period of time. Not just “one” school, not just schools in a particular region, but nationally and globally, a coordinated physical shut down is carried out of primary, secondary, and post-secondary educational institutions. No students on the majority of campuses anywhere. Teachers and learners are all relegated to remote learning, with

Malcolm Knowles, Andragogy, and SDL

I had the honor and privilege of working with Malcolm Knowles in 1972 as we developed a 30-minute video in cooperation with the Nebraska Education Television Council for Higher Education regarding his work in introducing the concept of “andragogy” to people in the United States. It aired periodically on the Nebraska Public Television network that year and then was available for viewing for several years after that. This interview with Malcolm provides a wonderful glance into both the thinking of Malcolm and how he initiated for many an understanding of self-directed learning. In light of both the Society’s new definition of SDL and our continued recognition of the value in honoring Malcolm’s

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