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Published biannually, the IJSDL is a refereed, electronic journal founded to disseminate scholarly papers that document research, theory, or innovative or exemplary practice in self-directed learning

Journal Guidelines: For those preparing manuscripts for the IJSDL, please review the Manuscript Submission Guidelines.; you should follow these guidelines for symposium papers as well if you plan to submit your paper to the journal for publication consideration. Please also review the Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement  that highlights the responsibilities of authors, reviewers, and the editor. 



Editorial Board



Michael K. Ponton, Texas A&M University - Commerce



Kelly E. McCarthy, University of South Florida

Janet F. Piskurich, Texas Tech University



Lucy Madsen Guglielmino, Florida Atlantic University (Emeritus)

Huey B. Long, University of Oklahoma (Emeritus)



Naomi R. Boyer, Education Design Lab

Ralph G. Brockett, University of Tennessee (Emeritus)

Valerie C. Bryan, Florida Atlantic University

Robert J. Bulik, University of Texas Academy of Health Science Education (Emeritus)

Paul B. Carr, Regent University

Philippe Carré, Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense, France

Robert C. Donaghy, Bradley County Schools (Retired)

Brian W. Findley, Palm Beach State College

Lucy Madsen Guglielmino, Florida Atlantic University (Emeritus)

Joan H. Hanor, California State University San Marcos (Emeritus)

Waynne B. James, University of South Florida

Carol E. Kasworm, North Carolina State University (Emeritus)

William J. Kops, University of Manitoba, Canada

Theresa N. Liddell, Education Consultant (Retired)

Patricia A. Maher, University of South Florida (Retired)

​Elsa Mentz, North-West University, South Africa

Sharan B. Merriam, University of Georgia (Emeritus)

Magdalena Mo Ching Mok, The Education University of Hong Kong

Albertina L. Oliveira, University of Coimbra, Portugal

EunMi Park, Charles Drew University

Shelley Payne, Otterbein University

Thomas G. Reio, Jr., Florida International University

Karen Wilson Scott, Idaho State University (Retired)

Susan Stockdale, Kennesaw State University (Retired)

Peter L. Zsiga, Florida Atlantic University