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For Presenters and Reactors 

All Presenters
  1. Please submit the following by October (if you have not already done so).

    • your 50-word abstract,

    • 100-word biography

    • picture for the program

  2. Examine the draft program as soon as you receive it to make sure session times (presenting and/or reacting—reactors are chosen from among the presenters)

  3. Be sure you have registered at least two weeks before the Symposium. After that date, we must drop your name from the program.


We are a community of learners and symposium participants often want to contact each other.   If you have any objection to your photograph and/or email appearing in the program, please notify  We will honor your request. 


Paper Presenters

Observe the due date for submitting your full paper

Once you know who your reactor is, please email a copy of your full paper to your reactor (and to, if you have not yet sent in a full copy). Please plan your session for 30 minutes so that at least 15 minutes are left for the reactor’s comments and participant discussion. We will have projection systems for PowerPoint available for you at the conference. It is usually best to bring your presentation on a memory stick and use the computer provided. If you plan to use your own computer, be sure to bring the proper connection devices.


Note: we do not guarantee the speed of the internet connection at the hotel. If you need any further equipment or if you plan to use Skype, please contact Naomi Boyer (


For Reactors

Our normal policy is to choose session reactors from presenters, so you might want to search for your name in the draft program to quickly find if you have been listed as a reactor.


Normally reactors will read the paper or abstract before the session, introduce the presenter, manage the time (making sure at least 15 minutes are left for reaction and discussion), provide a brief reaction/comments, facilitate the remainder of the discussion, and make sure the session ends on time.


Poster Presenters

Poster presentation information coming soon!  


Please notify what your needs are so we can be prepared with the appropriate materials.

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