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The International Self-Directed Learning Symposium provides an international forum for the discussion of important current developments in the study and application of self-directed learning. The program design emphasizes presentations of recent research findings, intensive individual participation, and group exploration of problems, issues and concepts.


Program structure includes large group sessions as well as small group interaction opportunities. Presentations opportunities include: original research with discussion, posters, roundtables, practice briefs, and panels. The Symposium Planning Committee welcomes new and innovative topics and presentation styles.

Hotel Information

The Symposium will be held at the Courtyard by Marriott in Cocoa Beach, Florida, offering attendees convenient access to the beach and many other attractions. Room and special rates have been arranged at the Marriott, and next door at the Hampton Inn, so attendees can easily take advantage of the professional development and networking opportunities the Symposium offers.

Student Scholarships

A limited number of scholarships are made available each year.  Application information can be found on the student scholarship page.

Call for Papers

The deadline for the one- to two-page proposals. 

We appreciate and value all of your submissions. 

For general information on how to submit a proposal to do a presentation or poster, please visit our Call for Papers page.

Presenters & Reactors

What do you need to know for presenting or reacting to a session?  Find the information here.

Get Registered

Registration is online.  Students needing help with registration cost should see the student scholarship information below. 

More information

Coming soon!

From Attendees

​​​​​​​​There is no better way to tell you about the symposium than through the words of people who have attended in the past.  Attendees from a wide range of fields, such as education, medicine, engineering, art, and nursing have enjoyed the symposium in the past and contribute to the rich intellectual environment.

HRD Practitioners

The Self-directed Learning Symposium has been an extremely valuable place to share ideas with other researchers and HRD practitioners.

From Professors

One of the most worthwhile conferences I have ever attended. Great opportunities to network with others involved in SDL. I appreciate the supportive atmosphere, and the emphasis on encouraging graduate student participation.

From Professors

The Symposium has done wonders for me and my colleague. The interaction gave me new insights and understanding. I have told my friends in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, and Australia about your good work and hope that I can persuade them to join me next year.

From Professors

I have attended the SDL Symposium for the past ten years and always find something that I can take back that is beneficial. The value of the SDL Symposium for me is that we talk across boundaries and form a true learning community.

From Students

"The Symposium was a wonderful opportunity to meet some of the major researchers in self-directed learning. . . . I think it should be on a “must attend list” for any student, practitioner, or faculty member interested in this line of research and literature. . . ."

From Students

"Oh, what a great opportunity!.... I cannot say enough about the SDL Symposium. There is no way to duplicate the experience of sitting at a table with an author and researcher you have read and admired at a distance. . . ."

From Students

"The symposium was an inspiring educational experience. I felt I was in the presence of giants in the field and gained valuable knowledge that I can apply to my research." 
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