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Award-Winning innovator using problem-based learning, technology, and dedicated SDL time to transform educational institutions at all levels, K-University Educational transformation is daunting, and altering your pedagogy can be overwhelming. At times, it can be difficult to see the benefit of changing your practice. As Founding Principal of Cedars International Next Generation High School, President of Advanced Reasoning In Education (ARIE) and former Founding Principal of Manor New Technology High School, Steven Zipkes is helping K12 schools and universities around the world transform their schools, systems, teaching and leadership practices to meet today’s learners. Schools such as The University of Texas, The University of Miami Ohio, Sam Houston State University (and K12 schools in the US, Australia, Mexico, and China) have benefited from his experience, collaborative approach, and ARIE’s Think Global PBL Academies. He assists in restructuring systems to provide independent, self-directed learning opportunities and 21st century skills.

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Steven Zipkes is a former Founding Principal of Manor New Technology High School (MNTH) in Texas. Zipkes’ design of a 100% Project Based Learning public high school that focused on STEM curriculum and 21st century essential skills have been recognized globally, distinguishing his school in many arenas. One of Mr. Zipkes’ greatest professional honors was a visit to Manor New Tech by The President of the United States, Barak Obama, who highlighted the successful PBL STEM practices and the positive impact the school’s design had on student achievement. This school is noted as a National Model for High School Redesign as highlighted in the $300 Million Race to the Top Proposal. Mr. Zipkes was awarded the National STEM Visionary Award in 2014 by the International Association for STEM Leaders. Zipkes has presented at the Achievement Gap Initiative at Harvard University in response to his contribution and recognition for closing the Achievement Gap. Furthermore, in his March 3, 2010 speech, US Education Secretary Arne Duncan highlighted Zipkes’ design as a “model school for reaching under-served youth” and he was named an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2011.

Steven has been featured at many STEM events, including the US News and World Report’s STEM Solution Conference and on EdWeek’s National Webinar, “The New Wave of STEM-Focused Schools”. He has been a featured blog writer on the Partnership for 21st Century Skills website; P21 Blogazine and is a contributing author in both Design, Make, Play: Growing the Next Generation of STEM Innovators and Deeper Learning: Beyond 21st Century Skills. This past summer Mr. Zipkes was the opening Keynote Speaker at the International Lean In STEM Conference in Warsaw, Poland.

Mr. Zipkes is currently holds several positions and is Founder and President of Advanced Reasoning In Education: Think Global PBL Academies and Founding Principal of Cedars Academy Next Generation High School at Highland Campus in Austin, Texas. His next 100% PBL STEAM school opened in August 2016. He continues with his internationally sought after Think Global PBL Academies, training educators worldwide in the deeper processes of Project Based Learning. Mr. Zipkes hails from The University of Texas at Austin. He holds Mid-Management Principal and Superintendent Certifications and has served in both of those roles.

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