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Michael K. Ponton: New Editor of IJSDL

Dr. Mike Ponton, Professor of Education at Regent University, was recently chosen by the editors and former editors of the International Journal of Self-Directed Learning to succeed Dr. Lucy Guglielmino, the founding editor. The journal, established in 2004, will continue to be published twice a year to provide an up-to-date resource on the most recent research and positive practice in the area of self-directed learning.

Mike has served ably on the Editorial Board of the IJSDL since 2004, was invited to become an associate editor in 2014 and served as guest editor from 2015-2017. He has published extensively in the field of self-directed learning in the areas of:

• human agency

• autonomous learning

• self-efficacy

Mike has more than 50 publications related to SDL, including his dissertation and two books. While juggling doctoral students, teaching, and research, he is also Assistant to the VP for Academic Affairs at Regent and a member of the Board of directors of the International Society for Self-directed Learning. Mike also holds degrees in physics and engineering (aeroacoustics) and was Director of the NASA’s Supersonic Jet Noise Laboratory at Langley AFB.

Welcome to your new role, Mike! The IJSDL is in good hands!


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