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2019 Terrence Redding

2019 Terrence Redding

2019 Terrence Redding

About Terrence

Malcolm Knowles Awards for Significant Lifelong Contributions to the Field of Self-Directed Learning

2019  Terrence R. Redding 

Founder and CEO, OnLine Training 

Founding Board Member, International Society for Self-Directed Learning 

Kellogg Fellow at the University of Oklahoma 

First Published SDL research: Self-Directed Learning Dissertation Abstracts, 1966-1991 with H. B. Long 

Doctoral dissertation: Association of Historical Events and the Development of Self-Directed Learning Readiness of Amateur Radio Operators (1997). 

Dr. Redding has presented and published many more papers, chapters, and articles focused on self-directed learning in the ensuing years, attending the SDL Symposium almost every year since 1990. He has also taught graduate seminars in self-directed learning for the University of Oklahoma. In addition to his service on the ISSDL Board, 

Dr. Redding has served on the Symposium Planning Committee since 2004. Additionally, he handled mass mailings through OLT and technical assistance in numerous areas, including the design of marketing materials for the Symposium. He has received many ISSDL service awards, including an award to his entire staff in 2016. He has over 20 years of involvement with Global Learn Day, an initiative of the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Global Education. The 24-hour event circles the globe and promotes distance education and technology, emphasizing self-directed learning. 

In 2012 Dr. Redding promoted SDL in a NASA-approved project with the South Florida Science Museum, connecting more than 160,000 high school students with astronauts at the International Space Station through amateur radio.

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